Professional Consultation
Professional Wedding Magician John Parkin understands how to make your special day - He recently planned his own wedding and brings over 10 years of providing bespoke wedding entertainment to couples all over the uk.

Bespoke Solutions
John will take the time to fully understand your wedding day and develop a tailor made package that is built around:

  • ✓ your requirements;
  • ✓ your guests;
  • ✓ your venue; and
  • ✓ the theme of your event.

Each stage of a wedding day will have elements of downtime - sometimes this is needed to allow your guests to relax - however there is a risk that things may become a little flat, and that your guests may find themselves waiting for the next part of the day to start...

John Parkin has developed a guaranteed unique professional entertainment approach to remove lulls during:


Drinks Reception

I can provide my unique walk-around wedding magic and mind reading entertainment to keep your guests entertained during the photo shoot and the gap before the Wedding Breakfast.

Wedding Breakfast
I will entertain your guests right at their table - brining everyone together in an intimate show. I will create a unique ice–breaker - vital when you have tables comprising friends and relatives that may not know each other very well - uniting them with shared moments of wonder and leaving them with amazing talking points for the rest of the day and beyond!



After the Wedding Breakfast
This part of the day can often become a lull, where the mood and pace drops – something that you have perhaps experienced at other weddings but you don't want to happen at yours! This is a perfect opportunity where I will guarantee to keep the atmosphere and ensure that everyone is entertained during this period with amazing sleight of hand magic, mind reading and intimate wedding entertainment shows.

Stress and Worry Free
John Parkin is a Professional Wedding Magician who performs all over the UK. He is a member of world famous Magic Circle and a registered member of Equity, providing up to £10,000,000 Public Liability Insurance, so you know your bespoke wedding entrainment will provide first class slight of hand magic from a competent registered entertainer - removing any worries and allowing you to enjoy your magical day.

John will make a unique guaranteed promise that he will only take one wedding booking per day - allowing you to forget any worries of late running weddings and the stress that your entertainment has to dash off to another booking.